Top 10 Viral Videos

Olivia Monahan, Class of 2017

Yasleen Trinidad, Class of 2017

In the era of short attention spans, video has become the most effective way to catch the public’s attention. With millions of people creating content on YouTube alone, It’s hard for a video to reach viral status. For a video to become viral, it has to go through the process of viral sharing on various social media. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Vine, you’ve probably watched one of these videos.

Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Dance Video: 

With the death of music from MTV, music videos usually don’t get as much attention as they used to. What makes “Sorry” a standalone phenomenon is that it’s just a dance video, Justin Bieber never released an official music video for his chart topping hit. On top of that, the allusive Bieber doesn’t even appear in the video. The video premiered on YouTube on October 15, 2015 and is now nearing 1.5 billion views. 

“Damn Daniel” Vines: 

What started out as a joke between friends became a national phenomena within a couple of days. In the videos, Daniel’s friend Josh captures Daniel in several different outfits paired with a sparkling white pair of Vans. While there doesn’t seem to be a point to the videos, the original post to Twitter has over 350,000 thousand retweets and 470,000 favorites. The videos have been recreated into varying types of memes and even a song. 

“When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV” Vine: 

Misery loves company and this video proves it. The vine shows a girl uncomfortably retracting her hand from a man when she realizes that she’s on national TV. The funniest part of the video, is the man’s face because he has no clue what’s going on. Without the caption, this video probably wouldn’t have gotten the attention it did. Currently, the vine has 1.28 million loops and almost 107,000 likes.

“Lady Gaga Scared Leonardo DiCaprio” Vine: 

Award shows often have a tendency to be boring and long. The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards were no different with the exception of the moments just before Lady Gaga went to her accept her award. After this video surfaced, social media exploded with speculations and memes. Many thought that DiCaprio was being “shady”, however the actor responded saying that he just didn’t know she was there. The vine currently has 1.1 million loops and 38,000 likes. 

“When You are Really Good at Pretending to Like Your Birthday Gifts..” Vine: 

Picture your birthday last year. Go back to the time when your Mom’s cousin’s best friend gave you a gift and it was the most uncomfortable interaction you could have ever imagined. The cringing feeling of tell them how much you loved that gift is embodied in this video. When the little boy opened the wrapped avocado, he knew what he had to do. He has already been through so much. This vine has nearly 100 million loops and 624.3 thousand likes. 

“When She Say She Got a Really Cute Friend for You” Vine:

Mix catchy dance moves and infectious lyrics and you’ve got yourself an instant classic! Queens, N.Y. resident, Nicholas Fraser,  also known as @downgoes.fraser on social media, became a global sensation when he made his own rendition of Next’s 1997 single, “Too Close,” calling out the liars. Fraser, decked out in a baby-blue button down, dancing next to a toilet seat, quickly rose to fame after his video titled, “When she say she got a cute friend for you,” surfaced. The video was shared by the likes of Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, P. Diddy and even got a shout-out from Tyga in “Baller Alert.”  The video now has over 60 million loops on vine and more than 17 million views on YouTube. 

Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae)” Video: 

Chances are, if you were alive last summer, you probably found yourself trying to whip it and hit the nae nae! Mixing popular dance moves, including We Are Toonz, “Drop That NaeNae,” “Crack That (Soulja Boy),” from rapper Soulja Boy, and, GS Boyz, “Stanky Legg,” it was no wonder the song was proclaimed to be the song of the summer. From peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 for six non-consecutive weeks and gaining close to 800 million views on youtube, the 18 year-old,  Atlanta, G.A. teen ended up getting a record deal with Capitol Records following the success of the song. Not bad for a High School Senior. 

“Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About,” Buzzfeed video: 

It’s no surprise that for much of his career as President, Barack Obama has faced his fair share of criticism. So what happens when internet media company, Buzzfeed, invites the leader of the free world to their studio? A global success! Obama is shown not only making silly faces in the mirror, using a selfie stick, and practicing his free throws, but also poking fun at his opposers by referencing the famous “Thanks Obama.” line. The Facebook video gained more than 61 million views and over a million likes.

“Love Has No Labels” Ad Video:

When Ad council released the emotional PSA video in March of 2015, it gained more than a million views on youtube in less than 24 hours. While playing Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm,” couples stood behind an X-ray screen in front of a crowd before revealing themselves to prove the “we are all equal” demonstration to be true. The impactful video quickly gained worldwide recognition and now has over 110 million views on Upworthy and over 58 million views on Youtube. 

“Mean Tweets- President Obama Edition” Video: 

Obama is back at it again on our list! 2015 was the year we got to see a comedic side to President Obama. Now we’re not sure if it was to win over his haters or to just have fun, but whatever it is, we are living for it!  At this point we’re all probably familiar with Jimmy Kimmel’s famous, “Mean Tweets,” skit, where celebrities essentially, read the mean tweets written about them on twitter. The tweets were pretty harsh, especially one user taking a jab at his famous, dad jeans (ouch). So why did President Obama agree to join in? We’re not sure, but it did make for a great viral video! In a little over a year, the video gained more than 41 million views! Thanks Obama! 


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