Top 5 Visual Artists on Tumblr and Instagram

By Mike DeMoya & Xavier Pearson


+Tumblr and Instagram are an artist’s perfect platform for self-expression. These social networks have cultivated a massive audience, allowing artists to receive major recognition for the work they put out.  Mike Demoya has compiled a list of artists on Instagram who help make the network such a great place and Xavier Pearson has compiled a similar list for Tumblr.



Simon Whybray


Simon Whybray is a London based freelance designer and the founder of JACK댄스(link), a colorful international showcase of internet producers and DJs of high energy electronic club music. He has turned his job into a full-time hobby, creating designs, .gifs, fonts and clothing for the internet.



Composite of JACK designs by Whybray



Whybray is one of the only people on this list that post things other than their work. He is not just promoting himself, you can tell Whybray genuinely enjoys using the site and finding inspiration for his colorful designs. You have probably encountered his work without know. When, rapper, Kanye West dropped The Life of Pablo, Whybray and his friend Rik Lomas created The site allows users to insert your own text to the cover, which Kanye later used himself.


Kanye West using The Life of Pablo parody website via Whybray


Similarly when, rapper, Drake dropped his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, without notice, Whybray was the one who turned Drake’s handwriting into a font, Drake Neue Regular, allowing people to meme the mixtape.

Aakash Nihalani


"Portal" by Aakash Nihalani
“Portal” By Aakash Nihalani


A Street artist from New York who has made easy transitions into the gallery, Aakash Nihalani turns flat surfaces in the city into a three-dimensional structure utilizing isometric shapes with bold lines and bright colors. Nihalani attempts to engage passers-by and pull them out of the mundane city routine.


“new paintings” By Aakash Nihalani


Some of the most popular images on Nihalani’s Tumblr,, are when he incorporates live models to interact with his shapes. Layering the shapes and patterns together create an element of depth and the live model punctuates the illusion.


"Platforms" by Aakash Nihalani
“Platforms” by Aakash Nihalani


Izumi Miyazaki

© Izumi Miyazaki

Izumi Miyazaki started her blog when she was 18 years-old in her first year at Musashino Art University, in Tokyo. Miyazaki takes selfies that poke at reality, utilizing food and mundane household objects to generate mystic.

© Izumi Miyazaki

As time and space is distorting around her, everything else loses meaning. These photos are reminiscent of infancy where one is plopped into a reality with little understand of the nature laws.


MF Doom by Gangster Doodle

There are hundreds of realistically detailed artwork of celebrities and popular musicians, but Gangsterdoodle’s whimsical approach stands out. Bored at work, Marlon Sassy taught himself how to draw with only a few former classes in film school, he draws major figures in the Hip Hop community and pop culture on post-it notes with markers.



Missy Elliott by Gangster Doodle
Rick Ross by Gangster Doodle
George Costanza by Gangster Doodle


The way he makes reference to these preexisting images turns larger than life stars into fun cartoons.

Lillian Martinez

Worldwide Aura Blanket by Lillian Martinez

Lilian Martinez runs an art brand in Los Angeles called BFGF. The word “cool” has never been so applicable to a piece of art. Inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, nature, and the internet, Martinez blends these visual elements to create minimal collages and relaxed environments.


Martinez digitally prints her work onto loose pants, baggy tunics, and big sweaters. It all comes together to bring this laid back vibe that draws people’s attention.



Jeff Rose  


Jeff Rose is a graphic artist originally from Miami, that now resides in Jersey City, NJ. The people around him claim that he is “this generation’s Warhol.”


His signature design that can be seen in each one of his works is a rose that represents his grandmother’s love of flowers.

Follow this young and modern Warhol for some vibrant uses of a rose.

Tony Peralta


Tony Peralta grew up in Washington Heights, born to Dominican immigrant parents. If the bodega’s of New York could sponsor an artist, Peralta would be that guy.

Dominican Frida

His best example of Hispanic pop art is his take on the Cafe Bustelo can which is a modern take on the infamous Warhol Tomato soup can.

Cafe Bustle print by Peralta
Cafe Bustle print by Peralta

This may be a Hispanic bias,

but if you’re not following this platano then your feed isn’t up to par.

Brian Donnelly


A native of Jersey City and an urban culture icon formerly known as KAWS, has artwork and installations located all over the globe. Better known for his work making vinyl toys for Original Fake and A Bathing Ape; he now has giant sized sculptures that influence much of the modern Japanese toy designs.

KAWS statue on the Brooklyn Museum

Keep up with this sculptor’s future collabs,

so you can take a picture with his mickey mouse monoliths.

Daniel Arsham

@danielarsham / @snarkitecture

Daniel Arsham is the most influential architect in Fashion, even before Virgil Abloh. Straight out of Cleveland, Arsham is better known for his company Snarkitecture that has designed some of the most beautifully and flawlessly constructed stores in the fashion industry. Kith Brooklyn and Stampd LA are just two examples of his work.

fictional archeology
Fictional archeology by Daniel Arsham
Kith Brooklyn store design by Snarkitecture
Kith Brooklyn store design by Snarkitecture

Follow this zen master

if you’re into the clean and simple designs that influence fashion standards.



Who is Mr.Brainwash? Well his claim to fame was a documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” where the director of the film travels around the world trying to find and expose Banksy, an infamous graffiti ninja. Instead of letting us know who Banksy is; the director becomes the graffiti artist copy-cat, Mr. Brainwash.

mr brainwash

Warhol inspired piece by Mr. Brainwash
Warhol inspired piece by Mr. Brainwash

If you want to follow someone who is all for making fun of the culture and every culture, here’s your guy.


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