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Top Ten Movies on Netflix

nymphomaniac_ver16_xlg1. Nymphomaniac: volume 1

Year: 2014

Director: Lars Von Trier

This film tells a story about a girl who grew up loving sex. She was always curious and was never afraid to try new things. Charlotte Gainsbourg plays this role beautifully and the cinematography is overall amazing.  Charlotte Gainsbourg goes on full detail with her dark and twisted childhood, where her Nymphomaniac all began. In this first volume of this film you see her tell her story of how she was when she was younger and everything that has lead her to where she is now. Beaten and covered in bruises she tells her life story to an old man that has saved her. The only way you happened to her is if you see the second volume of the movie Nymphomaniac: volume 2.


blue-warmest.jpg2. Blue is the Warmest Color

Year: 2013

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche

Blue Is the Warmest Color offers the most richly and beautifully composed cinematography along with a devastating tale of a young lesbian couple who goes through a lot of hardships. This film will make soul burn and make you feel things that you never felt before. The main character Adèle Exarchopoulos is either having sex or crying. I know it sounds like painful life but she’s only a nineteen year old trying to figure herself out. This film shows you how dramatic a teenage life can be.




3. Nightcrawler

Year: 2014

Director: Dan Gilrouy

Nightcrawler is a very dark and twisted film with all sorts of fun in all the wrong ways.

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the nightcrawler he makes his way into crime scenes and shows the public what they want to see. You can see how determined he is throughout the entire movie and he would do anything to be on top.This film has both blood and violence and everything that you would expect in an crime action movie. Jake Gyllenhaal does not disappoint in this film. This film would make you wonder if there is really a person who has the means to be a freelance crime reporter.



4. American beauty

Year: 1999

Director: Sam Mendez

Lester Burnham has everything that he needs. A loving wife, a beautiful home, an overall American Dream life. In the film he becomes so infatuated with a teenage girl. Since he is depressed with his regular life  the only thing that would make him happy is the young teenage girl that he falls in love with. This movie is both dramatic and suspenseful.

Sam Mendez makes sure that he captures every moment in the most beautiful way possible.




5. Adore

Year: 2013

Director: Anne Fontanie

Namoi Wats and Robin Wright play two lifelong friends who begin to have a very weird but steamy affair with the other’s sons.

The movie takes a turn when they both find out what they have been doing. It’s almost like they both never wanted to stop.

In the film you see both of these older women try to make it work but also struggling because they know that their love interest will find someone that is younger than them.




6. Circle

Year: 2015

Director: Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione

This movie is an acquired taste. While this is one of those films that you’ll probably only come across on Netflix, if you have a vivid imagination than you need to see it at least once. A group of strangers stand in a dark room with minimal light around them and literally have the task of standing in a fixed circle and figuring out whose life should be spared and who’s is not worth it. There are lies, deceit, and as the time runs out you see the savage animal instincts in people come out. The room starts off full, yet at the end there can only be one remaining. Who will it be? This movie was released in 2015, it is rated NR, and runs 1h 26mins. Netflix gives this movie ⅘ stars.




7. 50 first dates

Year: 4004

director : Peter Sigal

While this movie may not be an Oscar nominee, it won a lot of people over with its charm and optimism. A marine veteran (played by Adam Sandler) falls for a small town school teacher, yet due to an unforeseen twist he has the difficult task of attempting to win her over every single day.  This movie does have that Adam Sandler dry humor feel that you get in most of his movies; yet many must admit that him and Drew Berrymore are a actor/actress match made in heaven.

Director Peter Sigal really took his time in making sure that this movie wasn’t too cheesy, because it could have taken a turn for that very fast. This is a movie that you can enjoy alone, with a significant other, or even your teenager. This movie was released in 2004, it is rated PG-13, and runs 1h and 39mins. Netflix gives it 4 stars.





8. My Girl

Year: 1991

Director: Howard Zieff


My girl is a movie that transcends through time, due to the fact that it is relatable upon most ages. This movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Macaulay Culkin follows an 11 year old girl that learns the very high up and the very low of lows of life in just one summer. While this movie mostly follows two kids, it’s very likely that people of all ages can learn a thing or two about these type of life lessons. This movie was released in 1991, it is rated PG-13, and runs 1h 42m. Netflix gives it ⅘ stars.





9. Fantastic lies

Year: 2016

Director: Marina Zenovich

This scandalous 30 for 30 documentary by ESPN shows the true story of the young, attractive and influential 2006 Duke Lacrosse team and their night with an underprivileged african- american stripper. When the stripper accused three of the player of rape their world took a spiral out of control for the worst, and for a lot of people in this story, guilty or innocent, their lives were drastically changed for the worse.

Director Marina Zenovich did an amazing job tying in sports, law, and documented footage while making it interesting for people who may not be interested in any of those three categories. This documentary was released in 2016, it is rated TV-14, and runs 1hr 42m. Netflix gives it ⅘ stars


Snowpiercer-poster (1).jpg


10. Snow Piercer

Year: 2013

Director: Joon-ho Bong

I have never met anyone that did not at least like Snowpiercer. This futuristic twist on a utopia keeps you on your toes and waiting to see what happens next. The earth is frozen over and the only thing sustaining the lives of a few thousand people is a single train that constantly circles the earth, while each train car is divided in class systems. This movie takes jabs at each type of government, how gullible the human race can be, and how one person can make an impact on their world if they just take that first step in trying. Director Joon-ho Bong made this movie come to life with how vivid and realistic it was. Snowpiercer was released in 2013, it is rated R, and runs 2hrs and 6m. Netflix gives it 3 ½ stars.







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