Drake – Views (Album Review)


Drake finally unveils his fourth studio album “Views.”

Isaiah Olivieri • May 1, 2016

Drake.png(Caitlin Cronenberg)

Following a strong and controversial 2015, which included the chart topping albums (mixtapes), If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and What A Time To Be Alive, Drake continues to deliver new music for fans.


One of the most anticipated albums of 2016, Views has finally been released exclusively on Apple Music. The Twitter community has been quick to give their two cents on the album, with many even claiming that the album was “overhyped” and “overrated.”


The controversy surrounding his drama with rapper Meek Mill and Drake’s alleged ghostwriters, his new deal with Apple Music, and his new braggadocious flow left the music world wondering what Drake has in store for fans.


After a first rundown of the album in its entirety, the dancehall-inspired sounds throughout the album are well-placed and will likely chart on the Billboard 100.


The album is introduced with Drake singing about his trust issues, the typical Drake theme that we’ve all grown fond of over the years.


“All of my “let’s just be friends” are friends I don’t have anymore,” says Drake on the opening.


The next few songs find Drake reminiscing on his status in the 6, his hometown Toronto, Canada. In 9, he explains how he turned his city upside down, directly explaining the meaning of the song’s title.


U With Me” is already becoming a fan-favorite on Twitter because of its familiar sound, which sounds like a leftover from Drake’s Grammy award winning album, Take Care. (Maybe the Kanye West co-production helped).


The next song “Feel No Ways” transitions into Drake singing with a familiar “Hold On We’re Going Home-type” sound from Nothing Was The Same. This song has a lot of quotables that will likely end up on Instagram and Snapchat captions.


I’ve stopped listening to things you say/’cause you don’t mean it anyway,” Drake sings.


At this point in the album, it is easy to find yourself re-evaluating the tracklist because there is a lengthy 20 songs on the project.


Hype” features the 808s from Boi1da and nineteen85, the producers behind “Energy” and “10 Bands” from Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.


Another Twitter favorite “Weston Road Flows” shows another conscious Drake reminiscing on his past relationships with others and his status in the rap game.


“I look at they first week numbers like what are those? I mean you boys are not even coming close,” Drake brags.


Redemption” is a personal favorite of mine. In this track, the smooth production helps Drake talk to a woman from his past. This song will definitely take you back to the Take Care days. This is one of those songs that you will remember from this album.


Many fans on Twitter are proud of Drake’s dancehall inspired records on the album. The features on the album helped give Drake that genuine dance sound.


With You” follows the trending sound of “Controlla” and “One Dance.” Unfortunately, even with the PARTYNEXTDOOR feature on this track, “With You” will not be a standout record on the album. This song could have been left out.


Faithful” could have also been cut from Views. It has some quotables, but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression on listeners. It is a decent track but to Drizzy’s standards, it isn’t what fans were waiting for.


The album continues with a banger for the mainstream radio. “Still Here” is very catchy and should make it’s way to the radio if Drake’s camp wants it to. In this record, Drake continues to brag to the industry about how he’s overcome adversity and is looking to stay around and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


With “Controlla” and “One Dance,” there shouldn’t be much to explain. These records are beautiful and have been killing the charts since their release as singles from the album. They will most definitely be added to your Drake playlists.


I didn’t like how the album transitioned from the dancehall records to Grammys, featuring Future, Drake’s favorite artist to work with. Drake didn’t have a standout verse, which is awful after hearing how well he did on their joint album (mixtape). Future should have put this record on EVOL because it certainly has no place in the album.


Child’s Play” is another catchy Dancehall record that should have followed after “One Dance.” This song is another solid record from Drizzy. The production behind this song is smooth because of the best switch ups and the consistent progression through the song. The backing vocals help make this a great song.


Next on the lengthy album is “Pop Style.” This song, sadly, does not include Kanye West and Jay-Z’s contributions. I don’t see this song as a standout on the album. I feel that Drake should have released this on SoundCloud for free.


Rihanna also makes an appearance on the album, which can never go wrong. Drake adds yet another dance record (with a bad transition, of course) with his “Work” partner. This record is another solid one and should play at clubs and parties “all summer sixteen.”


Now interludes are my favorite parts of some albums. I was extremely disappointed to hear Drake’s interlude on Views. The interlude is extremely misplaced and has a completely different sound than the rest of the album. Again, another song that should have been dropped from the album.


Fire and Desire” has great lyrics. I enjoyed the lyrics to this record but I am disappointed with the sound of the production because it sounds too experimental for Drake’s standards. I honestly think the album should have ended a couple of songs ago.


The second from last record on the album is the title track, one of the strongest records on the album. After a rough 75 minutes, the album’s conclusion finds Drake’s best bars saved for last. This is the Drake that we all wish can be on every song (but I guess Drake’s ghost writers are really quitting their jobs at OVO and its affecting the brand).


The last song is a bonus track, Hotline Bling. There isn’t much to say about this record that we don’t all know already.


“I know when that hotline bling!”


Overall, the album is what we can expect from Drake at this point in his career. However, his legacy-defining project does not show much development in style and concept. Has Drake finally passed his prime or have we just grown accustomed to the consistency of his music and his ability to make trending music with little effort?


You can stream Views on Apple Music and buy it on iTunes today. Also, feel free to join in on this debate on Twitter by using the hashtag #Views.




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