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Tattoo Regret


By Michael Torres, Class of 2018 —

Imagine trying to look for a job, and after countless attempts, you get let down every time. This is the harsh reality of people who have obtained tattoos they now regret.

Sometimes people actually have tattoos with significant purposes and meanings. However, people get tattoos removed because they are a part of the past, and are something they want to move on from. There comes a point where people find that the tattoos they once adored no longer fit in with their life anymore.

“I understand and respect when it comes to self-expression but I can’t express enough how difficult it is to get a good paying job with visible inappropriate tattoos being displayed,” said Professor Brian Royster.

According to The Harris Poll, 21% of U.S. adults report having a tattoo which is up from previous years. It seems that with the increasing number of adults with tattoos this permanent body art is becoming more accepted.

The Harris Poll reporting that  least two in five say that people with tattoos are less attractive (45%) or sexy (39%).One-quarter say that people with tattoos are less intelligent (27%), healthy (25%) or spiritual (25%). Half with 50% of people without a tattoo say people with tattoos are more rebellious.

Professor Royster is a Criminal Justice professor at Saint Peter’s University. One of his favorite classes  he teaches every year at Saint Peter’s is called Gangs and Organized Crime. The course’s curriculum notes how to identify gang member from their tattoos.

“It was not the cool thing to do back then, people with tattoos were mostly men that served time in prison, it was a form of communication for inmates, to identify where they came from such as gang membership and status in prison,” said Royster.

According to USA Today, a survey done was done by a group of dermatologists and plastic surgeons called The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). They revealed that tattoo removals are becoming more popular, and that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to have their skin ink free.

“I hate my tattoo, I so regret it” are some of the messages  Monica Derosa receives daily.

Derosa is a receptionist at Tataway: Tattoo Removal, one of the many tattoo removal salons in the United States that provides several different options on how to begin your tattoo removal experience. More and more people are considering there tattoo a huge mistake rather than a piece of artwork they are proud of.

“I receive countless emails inquiring about our laser tattoo removal procedures, it is a process that is very painful but worth every dollar,” said Monica Derosa “In order to get a tattoo completely removed, a patient must undergo on average six to 10 laser removal treatments”

It is very common for couples to pronounce their love by getting a tattoo that last longer than  the actual relationship. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie tattooed her ex-husband name “Billy Bob” with a dragon. When the relationship ended she later had it removed. She not the only one who has been through this situation.

“I was young and in love and wanted to show it by getting my ex-boyfriend’s name on my wrist,” said Natasha Santana. “During that time in my life I loved it but since we have been broken up for 4 years now it is considered one of the biggest mistakes of my life”

Santana, 21, is a part-time employee at day care in Hoboken, New Jersey. She is currently working double shifts to save up enough money to undergo tattoo laser removal procedure so she can close that chapter and move on with her life without that permanent reminder on her wrist.

“I find myself embarrassed and wearing long sleeve shirts even on a hot day when I am out on a date to cover up my tattoo, it is affecting my love life,” said Natasha. “I am not against tattoos at all I just think some need to be thought through wisely before getting them. This removal procedure is costing me more money than the tattoo.”

Tattoos are ubiquitous with people young and old, with the popularity of tattoos on television with multiple shows such as VH1’s ‘Black Ink’, Ink Master and Ink After Dark, and Best Ink. These shows embrace the tattoos, but do not feature the regret.

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month this May Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salons in Boston will be offering a free tattoo removal treatment to all active duty, reservist, and veteran military personnel.

Rossi Reynoso is one of the receptionists at Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salons; she was hesitant at first to answer further questions regarding any of the tattoo removal procedures without providing a military identification number that is available on all military ID cards. In order to obtain information, I used my father’s ID number, who served the Vietnam War in 1973.

“Delete has seen an increase in tattoo regret with strict military policy surrounding tattoos; we need to have this service for tattoo removal amongst our military personnel to them to be able to have a fresh start and further their career” said Reynoso. We give the most effective treatment for any skin type and condition in order to guarantee that the removal experience are painlessly and completely. Most importantly this is all about showing our appreciation to our military.”

Saint Peter’s University senior Chelsea Alexander has eight tattoos and for her graduation gift is asking her parents to help pay for her first couple of tattoo removal treatments.

“I love tattoos and still want more, but the tattoo I cannot stand and will no longer put up with is the one on my calf.” Said Chelsea “I was 17 years old and wanted my cousin name, I begged my mother for her consent and when I saw the final result the tattoo artist spelled my cousin’s name wrong.”

Some people say they would rather just cover the tattoo up because it is a less painful way of resolving the issue. Yet, others are willing to pay big bucks for it to just be gone. Plain and simple, if you are not absolutely sure about getting a tattoo or the repercussions that it may cause, do not get it. Save yourself the money and aggravation.



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