Inward Performance

As part of its recent Identity Series, The Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) collaborated with Khadijah Drigg of Drigg Productions to present the dance based show Inward.  

“It was phenomenal, I feel like the show went better than I expected. It was a little bit different in terms of being commissioned and presented. I definitely felt like I had more time to be artistically involved,” said Drigg.

The show opened with a short silent film that caught the attention of almost every face in the crowd. The dancers wore basic white, destroyed button-up shirts with plain black pants. The movie was silent and eerie. The background was dark. The focus was strictly on the dancers. There was not one cell phone light out in the audience, and that means a lot in 2016.

“I was amazed at the support that Jersey City showed us by not only coming out, but also being engaged as an audience and really bringing me some wonderful thoughts and ideas,”said the Philadelphia native.

The great thing about this show is that it is very much open to interpretation. Everyone discussing it at intermission had their own personal thoughts and reactions; it touched everyone differently. Khadijah personally interpreted her show as everyone’s “inward search and inspiration to the world” yet she also believes that it can be left up to the audience’s own interpretation.

Khadijah along with her team and their updates can be found at and Facebook/Driggproductions. On these sites you can find past video, photos, and information on upcoming events.


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