Chanel McClary, Class of 2017

What’s trending in fashion these days is nothing new to the black community.

In recent years, fashion designers, hairstylists, and wardrobe stylists have been using black culture to revamp their looks.

“It’s evident fashion repeats itself that’s why you’ll see vintage clothing becoming a huge commercial success”, fashion blogger, RU Darnell explained, “I see it more as being inspired and reinvented but always paying homage is actually what drive and keep fashion prominent , however there is a lack and new and fresh innovative designs”

“Sometimes the black culture is more copied than given credit and opportunities”, Darnell added.maxresdefault

Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture.

“Some people might not agree that white people steal black culture but the majority of the styles and trends they think are new, blacks have been doing for years,” said wardrobe stylist, Muhammad Ahmad, “It’s new to them but it’s all we know and was raised on…They try to take credit like they invented it.”

From hairstyles to clothing, the fashion trends have been recycled and renamed.

wellhair-instagramLucky magazine renamed what was formerly known as baby hair to “slick down tendrils”.

“The Kardashians should definitely give credit to where they got the hairstyles or styles from. It’s wrong to try and make someone’s culture or something they’ve been doing for years as a part of their lifestyles into your own fashion trend,” said Jennifer Gonzales, a fashion student who attends the Fashion Institute of Technology.regdxg0tdqwgdfxyhwhe

The fashion world rebranded cornrows as “boxer braids” and gave the credit to Kim Kardashian, a Caucasian fashion icon.

“Braids seem to be everything right now. People say everyone starting doing braids because of the Kardashians making it popular which is true since they did draw the attention to them. However, saying they “created” the braids trend isn’t really true”, the fashion student added.

Mane Addicts, a fashion website, published a story on bantu knots that were renamed “twisted mini buns inspired by Marc Jacobs”.

There was no homage paid to African tribes who started this hairstyle.

MTM1MzIyNDgwMjkzMzY1NzcwFor Valentino’s spring 2016 collection, they chose the theme of “wild,tribal Africa.Valentino’s line consisted of detailed knitting, safari prints, and tribal patterns.

“Fewer than 10 black models walked the runway and everyone wore cornrow buns,” according to fashion news site, Fashionista.

“I feel cultural appropriation is good in today’s fashion world because it brings us closer to be creative & the way we see art,” fashion designer, Kú Brian said.

Clothes and accessories like bomber jackets and big hoop earrings are another fashion trend that is being repeated now.

Big bamboo earrings were worn mainly by African American women in the hip hop era of  late 80s to early 1990s.reUggOB

“Most of Fashion trends are reruns they just look for what’s hot but forgetting someone did it in the past”,Brian added.



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