Social Media Trends: Food Edition

By Jossie Capon, Class of 2017

According to the Pew Research Center nearly 65% of U.S. adults use social media networking sites. Social media has led to some interesting trends like virtual reality, new music genres, and new music streaming services. The way most trends start off is when one person or social group creates a sensation over an object —  in this case food.

“Social media trends are surely going to always change as new technology is created and updated, but they are going to stay with us and not diminish in popularity,” said Professor Barna Donovan.

Professor Donovan, Director of the Masters of Arts in Strategic Communication Program, thinks that social media mainly has a positive effect on society. Social media facilitates communication and also facilitates the access of information.

You have probably scrolled through your timeline and liked a few food pictures. But did you ever get really tempted to go out and try the food or restaurant out for yourself?

“I try not to follow social media trends, but it’s hard sometimes,” Junior Emily Gonzalez said. “However, that’s not to say I wouldn’t do something ‘trendy’ just because it is trendy.”

SELF Magazine reported the Top 11 food accounts you should follow. Accounts like @BlackTapNYC, @Love_Food and @ManilaSocialClub were the top contenders.

Courtesy of Jonathan Cheban’s Snapchat Story

What makes these accounts so interesting is the content they share to their followers. Presently @BlackTapNYC has 168K followers, @ManilaSocialClub has 10.2K followers and @Love_Food has 6.3million followers. Each has their own identity and it is one of the many reasons their followers continue to grow. Many food accounts share different content that can be either healthy, organic, or simply pure guilty pleasure food.

“I saw some influential Youtubers post about trying out rainbow bagels; they are always trying new foods,” Selena Guzman said.

Guzman, a junior at Saint Peter’s University, finds these online trends difficult to follow because most food places are not accessible. Most ‘trendy’ food places are not in the metropolitan area.

“I walked into a bagel shop and they were offering rainbow bagels,” she said. “Although it was not from the exact location nor was it made exactly the same, I still decided to try it.”

Aside from the unique content being presented on Instagram or other social media platform the posts are about how it makes you feel.

“The bagel itself is colorful and unusual, it is not something I would not expect a lot of people to find or eat,” She said. “The bagel was great; nothing too special but it’s just visually appealing.”

Living in the NY/NJ metropolitan is a great advantage when it comes to experiencing new foods and traditions. The majority of young adults have tried a milkshake or two. The one that has caused quite the media frenzy is a recent post on  @BlackTapNYC’s Instagram. They are known for their  one of kind huge milkshake. These milkshakes are the packed with candies, a slice of cake and cookies. It is the dish that will probably leave you in a food coma.  However, it comes with a hefty price because there is an hour wait to order your own shake and there are only two locations in NYC.

Manila Social Club is known for its donuts covered in 24k gold and are sold for $100. It is edible gold of course. You can see Kim Kardashian’s best friend Jonathan Cheban chronicle his 24k gold purchase on Snapchat and even gifting one to his mother and grandmother.

“Social media are a tool for quick and easy communication with anyone in the world and a quick access to virtual communities all over the world,” Professor Donovan said. “The creation of connections, maintaining of connections and the creation of communities is a basic human need.”  

Nasly Aquilar, a student at Hudson County Community College, has also follows the trends on social media. She has seen the endless food pictures on her Instagram timeline and is cautious about which foods to try. She remembers looking at a picture of a Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

“I would not be tempted to try it,” she said. “It looks like candy inside bread, it is not my taste.”

If you want to be a part of this food trend, here’s what you need to know: the food may seem weird at first but don’t knock it till you try it. Remember when trying out these new ‘trendy’ foods snap it, gram it, and book it.


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