Vintage Shopping at Rags-A-Gogo

Nigel S. Clayton, Rags-A-Gogo Partner

By Eric Lesser, Class of 2019

Manhattan is a sprawling metropolitan powerhouse that embraces the new, the high-end and the future, however, there is one business that defies every one of these expectations.

Rags-A-Gogo is a vintage clothing shop on 14th street between 7th and 8th avenue that specializes in retro clothing and apparel from the seventies and eighties. They host a vast assortment of Hawaiian-print shirts, vintage blazers, and even an entire collection of vinyl records.

“People come here for that good energy, you can’t find too much of that left in New York City,” said Nigel S. Clayton, Rags-A-Gogo partner.

Rags-A-Gogo has survived the hectic Manhattan business landscape for over 20 years while other stores have long faded away.

They often boast of their low prices, often comparing them to other nearby businesses that offer similar types of clothing.

“When you compare Rags-A-Gogo to a lot of the major brand-name vintage clothing stores that you’ll find here in New York City she’s by far the cheapest,” said Nigel S Clayton.

Clayton also believes that its distinction from many other businesses is in their customer service.

“They (customers) know that they can get real good conversation out of Suzanne and she’ll listen to to them and give them advice … that definitely draws a lot of people here.”

Take a tour with Clayton:



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