Career Fair Coming to Saint Peter’s

By Xochilt Segundo, Class of 2020

Looking for jobs and internships can be tough, but the Fall Career Fair is coming to help students establish important connections for their futures. Every year, CEEL, Center for Career Engagement and Experiential Learning, hosts the event to expose students to prospective employers and help initiate a presence in their field of choice.

The national unemployment rate is at 4.4% as of August 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With that being said, it is important for college students to take heed of opportunities and perhaps even look for openings outside of their majors.

Sondra Riley, Director for Internships & Experiential Learning, spoke about the importance of the career fair, as well as offering insight on what exactly employers are seeking from students.

On looking for jobs outside of one’s major, Riley said, “Employers want to connect with diverse learners.”

While the Career Fair is open to all majors, many students find themselves unsure which employers to connect with. Many job opportunities supercede what students expect, with so many departments available within a company.

Daryl Levy, Manager of Employer Relations, spoke about the importance of establishing connections during the career fair. Networking nowadays is vital for anyone to move forward through their prospective field. Many find themselves with incredible work opportunities due to having a diverse and ever-expanding network.

“You can always go back to your network,” said Levy, encouraging everyone to introduce themselves to as many potential employers as they can. This network will prove to be invaluable to every student.

It is important to be open minded when it comes to the future, as the job market is ever shifting and adapting to technological and societal shifts. With the Career Fair being biannual, Saint Peter’s students will have many opportunities to make connections. Despite this, putting yourself out there and becoming known to employers as a potential employee is the best thing to do.

Organizers say students should put forth their best foot and be courteous with recruiters. “The soft skills sometimes get you further ahead than the educational skills. Recruiters want likeability,” said Levy.

Students are encouraged to keep an open mind, dress professionally, and most of all expand their networks during this door opening opportunity. The Fall Career and Internship Fair will take place on Thursday, September 28th ​from ​​12:​30 PM ​to ​3:00 ​PM in the Student Center Duncan Skyroom​.


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