Horror Movie ‘Don’t’s’

by: Natalia Amaya and Samantha Rios

Horror films have done a good job of portraying of over-the-top, gruesome scenarios that will most likely never happen. However, if people were to really end up in these situations, horror films have certainly done a great job of showing audiences what they shouldn’t to do. Heres a list compiled of what not to do if you find yourself in a “horror film-esque” situation.

10- Don’t enter Forbidden Property


I have no idea what it is about characters in horror films willingly stepping foot into houses or rooms that have been strictly forbidden! Are you asking to get brutally attacked? Stay away from anything labeled ‘forbidden,’ or just any house remotely creepy looking.

9- Don’t Stay In A Haunted House


“This house is perfect, despite the weird creaking noises that happen for no reason at night, the weird ghost that watches me while I sleep, and the scary killer that lives across the street.” Sorry to break it to you Susan, but your house is NOT perfect and you will die. MOVE, before it’s too late!

8- Don’t Split Up


Characters love separating in horror films. “Sure, let’s split up and get lost, never be able to find each other again, and probably die!” Just stick together, your chances of surviving are way better. Plus, there’s no way you’re defeating a beast by yourself.

7- Don’t Summon Ghosts


This should be self-explanatory but apparently it isn’t. You are not going to contact your great-great grandmother for guidance. You’re summoning a demon.

6- Don’t be a POC


Ever seen a horror film where a person of color survives? Rare. Horror film directors love killing off that one person of color! Guess you’re out of luck, my friends.

5- Don’t Check To See If The Killer Is Dead


You hit him once, he isn’t dead. Don’t you know you have to shoot the ‘bad guy’ at least 12 times, beat him with a baseball bat, run him over with your car, and then light him on fire before he actually dies? Do not check to see if he is still breathing, just run away and call the police!

4- Don’t Ask “Is Anyone There?”


Ah, the infamous line characters love to ask after they’ve heard a noise in a creepy place. Yes, somebody is there and they’re going to murder you. Word of advice, if you think someone is there, run. 

3- Don’t Have Sex


Just don’t do it. Especially if you’re doing it in an obviously creepy or forbidden place. You’ll have to fight the killer or get murdered naked. If that isn’t an embarrassing way to die, I don’t know what is.

2- Don’t Look For The Killer


I guess it can be tempting to search for the killer just to have an intense face-off battle with him/her but it isn’t worth it because you’ll probably lose. Just get out of there and get help.

1- Don’t Look Behind You When You Run


For the love of God, pay attention to where you’re going so that you don’t fall!



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