Top 12 Most Binge Worthy TV Series

We all know what it’s like to scroll through Netflix with no idea what to watch. Well here is a list of binge worthy series that will not satisfy your need of entertainment, but also prove to be a great way to pass time or procrastinate.




Episode Duration: 60 minutes

Total Seasons Available: 8


Dexter lives a pretty twisted life. He takes on being a Blood Splatter Analyst for the Miami PD while living the double life of a serial killer vigilante. Every episode begins with a murder mystery of these terrible criminals that the detective unit of Miami PD is trying to find, however Dexter is too in another form. If you are looking for something that keeps your mind preoccupied while passing the time Dexter is the show to watch not only does it give you a sense of murder mystery, and ‘law n order’ feel it also has many twists and turns that will keep you in tune for the 8 seasons available on Netflix.



Episode Duration: 24 Minutes

Total Seasons Available: 10


It’s literally the trials and tribulations of five friends in the most hilarious way. All the while being adults with fulltime careers they find love, and jokes throughout the journey of adulthood and the real world. Even though the episodes are relatively short they are jam packed with many plots inside the circle of friends and their subtle comedic satire. If you are looking for almost a half hour of laughs this is the throwback sitcom for you.


13 Reasons Why

Episode Duration: 60 minutes

Total Seasons Available: 1

13 reasons why

The Series contains 13 episodes illustrated through recorded tapes by Hannah Baker a high school teenager who committed suicide and wanted to let those who pushed her to it know how they played a part in bringing her life to an end. The reasons are all mixed and construed in a puzzle of tapes that are each dedicated to every person and every reason why. However, Clay is still confused on why he is included in these tapes, but he has yet to hear his name. Each episode brings us closer to Hannah’s breaking point and the reason Clay has to listen to them: that’s exactly what makes it binge worthy. If you are ready to cry a little and rethink your role in someone’s life you should definitely tune into this show.

Grey’s Anatomy

Episode Duration: 43 Minutes

Total Seasons Available: 13 Seasons


This medical drama series focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle. Meredith Grey  (the main character) struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues due to the mishap of love lost, egos and the friction of reality. Not only does almost every character you begin to care about  may die in the mix of each story line, you will hopeless be addicted to this modern day emotional soap opera.

Jane The Virgin

Episode Duration: 42 Minutes

Total Seasons Available: 3



GIF courtesy of Netflix


Jane The Virgin is an American telenovela about a young Latina women, Jane Villanueva, who finds herself a pregnant virgin after a medical slip up at her OBGYN. This show takes you through love and loss, and even deals with moderns day issues, such as immigration, to light. You will fall in love with Jane, Michael, Rafael, and all the other characters, turns, and twist this show throws at you. Trust me, you will finish all three series in a day and move on to tuning in on Fridays to the CW to watch Season four.

Orange is the new Black

Episode Duration: 60 minutes

Total Seasons Available: 5


orange is the new black
GIF courtesy of POPSUGAR


Unless you live under a rock, you have definitely heard of Orange is the new Black. This series is actually based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. Piper Chapman, the main character playing the real life Piper in the show, winds up in a minimum security federal prison for a small crime she committed 10 years ago. This show is full with comedy and drama, as it brings to life the real issues that prisoners in America face. This show will bring you through laughs as well as tears, so definitely check this one out! Season 6 premieres in early June, so make sure you plan your binge watching session soon!

The Office

Episode Duration: 21 Minutes

Total Seasons Available: 9


the office.gif
GIF courtesy of Reddit

The Office is a classic comedy show revolving around everyday lives of employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. This office has a character you can find in your own office at your own job, the boring receptionist, the employee everyone loves, and the employee who is smart but has no social skills whatsoever. If you think this comedy may not be for you, I’m sure you have seen scene clips on Facebook from the fire drill scene or the CPR training. Trust me, you will be laughing so hard that you will have to start binge watching.



Episode Duration: 21 Minutes

Total Seasons Available: 4


GIF courtesy of Hulu


Black-ish is a classic family comedy from ABC about a black family who has it all; successful jobs, a big family, and a beautiful home in a great neighborhood. Dre Johnson, the father and main character of the Johnson, often wonders if his success is making his family forget their culture. With the help of his father, the family begins to discover their ethnic identity, which teaches them a lot about themselves in both comedic and serious ways. This is a great show to binge watch with your family!






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