Social Media Influencers Who Enlighten And Entertain

By Jojenet Encarnacion & Jaida Johnson

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we spent hours of the day watching YouTube videos or scrolling on Twitter. From health to beauty, spirituality, or for pure entertainment, these popular social media influencers can keep your attention for hours.

  1. Freelee The Banana Girl

Freelee The Banana Girl is the most popular Australian Health YouTuber. As a personal trainer, she noticed that her old lifestyle was unsustainable and overall unhealthy. She went vegan in 2006 and began promoting the vegan movement and lifestyle for nearly a decade. She has inspired both men and women to be fit and healthy, while also having compassion for the animals and helping the planet. She has 200 million YouTube views and has published health guidebooks.

Freelee The Banana Girl’s Channel


2. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American video blogger who started the rise of the beauty community on YouTube. She began uploading makeup tutorials in 2007. Michelle Phan is a notable YouTube personality with over 8 million subscribers and is currently an entrepreneur.

Michelle Phan’s Channel


3. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is an American YouTube personality, actor, author, sketch comedian and film director. His conspiracy theory videos uploaded onto his channel are a catalyst of conspiracy theory videos becoming a popular trend on YouTube. He speaks on a variety of conspiracy theories from pop culture to the government, and even paranormal events.

Shane Dawson’s Channel


4. Koi Fresco

Koi Fresco is a 24 year-old educator, explorer and photographer who uses his platforms on Twitter and YouTube to provide teachings for personal and spiritual growth. Koi Fresco’s content covers science, spirituality, philosophy and self-care. He is the author of A (Not So) Enlightened Youth and a new book releasing soon, The Meditation Manual: How to Meditate Like a Master in One Week or Less.

Koi Fresco’s Channel


5. Amber Wagner

Amber also known as jstlivinbby became well known for her inspirational videos on instagram. She uses her platform for helping inspire others to simply live their best life, and not to worry about what people have to say. All of her posts on instagram and youtube deals with real life situations that people can actually relate to. She speaks the truth and keeps everything as real as possible , I think that’s why people can relate to her so well. The post opens up doors for people to be themselves, and embrace who they are as individuals.


6. Wolftyla

Wolftyla is a singer, song writer, and a public figure. She loves creating with different people whether it be involving fashion, music, or simply influencing others to follow their dreams. She started off with her first single “Feels” and she grew from their. From music she became well known for her vine videos, and she also has an Instagram page. On her page she post inspirational quotes about living your dreams, and never to give up on them. She advocates for all young women to be independent as well as go getters. She is a funny warm spirit thats why a lot of people can relate to her and supports her so much.



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