1 to 200:  The Road to Recognition by Johnette Figueroa – What happens when an indie band finally makes it?  We go behind the scenes.

Hip Hop at BB Kings by Nina Lemonnier – Hip Hop artists perform at New York City’s BB Kings

Open Mic Goes Underground in the Village – By Kyle Murray – You’ll never guess who will show up at Open Mics at  the Village Underground in the City.

OPINION – Why the Film “Chimpanzee” Matters by Harley Cabrera

Fashion’s Crowded House – by Nina Lemonnier – More young people are pursuing careers in fashion, but the jobs aren’t necessarily available

Too Young to Rock – by Johnette Figueroa – “X” marks the spot, in the case of fans of indie bands, it usually means they are branded as to young to rock and drink

Cruising in 3D – By Harley Cabrera – Hollywood’s banking on releasing classics in 3D

The Definition of Making It – By Johnette Figueroa — How does a band know when they have arrived?  Sold out concerts?  Morning show booking?  Magazine Covers?  You’ll be surprised to find out how today’s indie bands measure success.

The School of Rock is Open – by Johnette Figueroa — He’s in a rock band by night, a teacher by day, meet Keith Pause

How Skinny is too Skinny – By Nina Lemonnier — You may be surprised to learn who is rocking the skinny jean

A Sci-Fi Classic Returns by Harley Cabrera — Star Wars is back on the big screen, this time in 3D

Indie Music Keeps Vinyl Close to Heart by Johnette Figueora – Vinyl records are making a come back thanks to independent artists

Argus Eyes Tackles Hairspray in Hope of Diversity by Dylan Smith – See why SPC’s drama club decided to produce the musical Hairspray this season

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