*A Closer Look at Saint Peter’s 2014 Annual Clery Act– Drinking or smoking in the dorms? Think twice before doing so.

*The Ever Evolving Technology in Media and Politics – by Yarleen Hernandez – Journalist and Professor Ira Chinoy speaks about how technology affected elections at SPC’s 5th Annual Media and History Conference

*Colleges Lure Students with Apple Products – by Jamie Lisanti – With the competition for students getting tougher, more colleges are offering high tech products, like the Apple I-Pads to get students to sign up.  It is working?

*SPC Eliminates Scientific Literacy Course and Plans More Changes for Future – By Yarleen Hernandez – SPC students react to changes in the core curriculum

*The Metamorphosis of Christopher St. Armand – by Ksenia Stsepyetkina – After years of bullying because of his weight, one young man decides to undergo a drastic change.

*Dorm Life:  Is it for You? by Jessica Hartland – Thinking about dorming?  Make sure you know all the facts.

*Police:  Stay Out of the Red! by Linda Giang – Jersey Police give us an exclusive interview on Jersey City’s safest and most dangerous areas.

*Saint Peter’s College Concerned with LGBTQ Students Strutting their “PRIDE” by Dylan Smith –  Is SPC’s Jesuit mission clashing with gay and lesbian students?

*Buggin’ Out by Jessica Hartland – This story is not for the squeamish.  Living in the big city usually means your roommates will mostly likely be little critters.  Find out how SPC is combatting the problem.

*Up Close and Personal With President Cornacchia – By Yarleen Hernandez — An one-on-one interview with SPC President Eugene Cornacchia, who answers questions of the future of SPC and recent layoffs.

*Here to Stay ….”Hopefully” – By Dale Tyus — He’s here on the student visa, having fled his country torn apart by war.  In May, he will get his diploma and may be forced to go back to West Africa.

*The Man Behind the Email Alerts – by Linda Giang – Get to know Arthur Youmans, head of SPC security

*To Eat or Not to Eat – By Chelci Bidos – A NYC Councilman wants to ban eating on public transportation.  Hear what commuters have to say.

*The Woman Behind the Screen: SPC’s Webmaster” – by Jaimie Lisanti – An interview with SPC’s webmaster Michelle Lacey about the challenges she faces and a sneak peek of what’s in store for SPC’s website

Social Media Content is Key for Colleges – by Jamie Lisanti –  A look at how colleges and students use social applications.

* What Train Are You On? – by Chelci Bidos – A new study reveals the added stress of commuting to work

* Police Say Students Need To Stay Alert – by Linda Giang – Jersey City Police officers with tips for students to stay safe

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